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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Bits of Funnyness

Actual conversation in the Essary household yesterday
Korban: (sitting at the kitchen table eating blueberries)  "Blueberries fruit.  Good fruit."
Me:  "Yup, blueberries are fruit.  They're good for you!  I'm glad you like them."
Korban:  Peaches fruit?
Me:  "Yup, peaches are fruit."
Korban:  Plums fruit?"
Me:  "Plums are fruit."
Korban:  "Pecan fruit?"
Me:  "Nope, pecans are nuts."
Brad:  "I think they could be called a fruit."
Me:  "No they can't.  They're nuts."
Brad:  "But aren't nuts a fruit?"
Me:  "YOU'RE a nut!"
Korban:  "Nerds fruit?"
Me:  (laughing)  "Nerds aren't fruit.  Nerds are junk!"
Korban:  (confused) "Nerds junk?!?" (dismissively) "Nerds fruit!"

Brad and I were talking about airplanes the other day.  Korban is really liking airplanes and helicopters these days, and I've never been on an airplane.  Brad has flown before, to Russia and back, so obviously it doesn't bother him.  The thought of getting on a plane makes me start to hyperventilate.  Brad said "You know if we got an opportunity to go somewhere and needed to fly, you could do it.  Korban would love it, and you would do it for him."  (He's right, but I wasn't ready to admit that.)  So I asked Korban.  I said "Hey, buddy, if we were going to take a trip to somewhere far away, would you rather ride in our van or fly on an airplane?"  His eyes slid sideways as he gave this some serious consideration.  I waited while holding my breath.  He turned back to me and said "Hot air balloon."  Mercy.  They'll have to knock me like Mr. T and that's all I'm going to say about that.

We visited the Natural Science Museum in Jackson the other day.  Selah was standing with her nose pressed up against a huge aquarium filled with giant gar.  While she was standing there looking, one of the gar flattened itself against the glass and swam straight down, right over the spot Selah was standing.  She obviously thought the fish had her.  She ducked, covered her head with her arms and said "Oh no!"  Cuteness.  She was wary of those fish the rest of the time we were there.

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