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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Little Rebelette

Brad mentioned to me a few weeks ago that the Ole Miss Rebelettes were having a Spirit Camp for kids, and asked if we could sign Selah up for it.  (In case you don't know, the Rebelettes are the Ole Miss dancers.)  Ole Miss + Dancing=Win, Win for Selah, so I told him to sign her up.

It was a day camp that started at 9:00 and ended with a performance for the families at 1:00, so we figured we could drop Selah off that morning and then take Korban around to do some fun stuff in Oxford while we waited on her to finish.  It's not like Korban's going to be sad about getting to hang around in Oxford, the kid notices when we come into the place before I do and his father loves that fact.  Saturday was the big day, so we headed out first thing yesterday morning.  The kids were excited and did good on the way down. 

We took Selah in and signed her in, and then she got her picture made with one of the Rebelettes.  They were all really sweet to her, and there were lots of girls there.  Selah was really happy about getting to go.  It was held in the indoor practice facility, and Korban was hoping to see some football, but he understood that there wasn't going to be any of that.  (He wasn't completely happy about it, mind you, but he understood.) 

We didn't even notice when we dressed them, but they both had on #34 jerseys!
Showing her muscles again!  She said she was "Standing strong for God."  That's our girl!

After all the girls got signed in, they gathered everybody up in a big circle and the Rebelettes were singing a cute little song and skipping through the circle.  From time to time, they would stop and get a little girl to skip with them.  We stuck around to watch and make sure Selah was going to be okay.  When a Rebelette stopped to get Selah to skip with her, Selah took off running without her, ran to the middle of the circle, and busted some funky dance movies.  I looked at Brad and said "I think she's going to be okay.  Probably we can go now."  Ha!  She never ceases to amaze me.  I told him that if someone had plunked me down in a big place like that full of strangers when I was three, I would've been in the fetal position sucking my thumb most likely. 
A little freestyle while waiting at the beginning.

As we were walking out, I said wonderingly to Brad, "You know, if she chooses to stick with dance and she likes that, she could be a Rebelette one day if she wanted to.  She really could!"  "Yup," he said, mulling it over, "I just hope they have bigger uniforms by then!"  Which totally cracked me up.  I'm pretty sure the uniforms they wear now aren't any skimpier than the ones they wore when we were students at Ole Miss, and I didn't hear anybody complaining about it then.  Being a parent really changes your perspective on things!

While we let Selah get her groove on, we went to a couple of stores in Oxford and drove around the campus looking at different things.  It was fun.  Korban kept wanting to know if "Ole Miss was open" so we visited a few highlights he was happy to see.  What he was wanting was for there to be a game to watch but we were able to satisfy him with getting to go back and watch Selah dance.  Korban wanted to get a pom-pom so he could cheer for Selah when she danced.  We thought that was sweet, and we bought him one. 

We got back in plenty of time to see Selah dance.  She seemed to be tired--she was sitting on the ground when we first got there, but she eventually perked up.  She came over to us to say hello, and she wanted Korban's pom-pom.  He refused to give it to her to cheer with, because he needed it to cheer for her.  Makes sense, right?  And he did cheer for her, which was really cute.  One of the Rebelettes came over and talked to him for a while, and I appreciated the attention for him.  (He did too, of course!)  She offered to let him go out and dance with them, but he declined.  He generally only dances within the comforts of our own home, and only when his sister makes him.

The little performance they did was super-cute.  I could tell Selah was tired--I think she still may not be feeling real great--but she did really good.  I'm so thankful she had the opportunity to do something fun like that.  I think it was good for her.  When we asked her about her day, she told us that they "drink-ed Gatorade." (She always pronounces the "ed" part of words, and I think that was the first time she had ever had Gatorade.  Apparently she likes it!)  In addition to getting introduced to Gatorade, she said they "danced and played games and sang songs and ate and pottied."  Sounds like a full day!  She also told me that she made a lot of new friends, but she couldn't remember their names. 

She was starving when we left.  Apparently she didn't eat much lunch.  She asked for Chinese food, so we found a good little Chinese buffet to eat at.  She ate good too.  She actually ate more than Korban did, which is unusual.  He loves Chinese food, too.  I guess she had just danced up an appetite.  She's such a funny little eater. 

She has never taken a bite of hamburger in her life, but she loves sushi.  Don't worry.  It's cooked.

She ate three pieces of sushi, a decent sized portion of macaroni and cheese, sesame green beans, and 52 oranges.  Okay, 52 is an exaggeration, but she definitely got our money's worth.  Korban on the other hand, only ate "Chinese spaghetti" (people other than Korban call it lo mein noodles) and Jello.  The Jello bit was really funny.  I took the kids up to the dessert bar to get fruit, and Korban spotted all those perfect little cubes of Jello.  Before I could stop him, he grabbed one up and shoved it in his mouth right there on the spot!  Probably not the most sanitary thing that could happen, but honestly, if the worse thing he does is leave some little boy cooties on the Jello cubes, I'll take it.  Besides that, it appears that we need to work with BOTH of our children on improving their table manners.

Did I mention she ate a lot of oranges?  'Cause she did.
 Here's Korban and his Jello cubes--the ones that actually made it back to the table, that is.  After he got tired of eating them, he lined up the cubes on the table.
This resulted in him getting sticky Jello residue all over his hands, which resulted in him wiping his hands with a napkin, which resulted in sticky Jello residue covered in napkin particles on his hands.  He wasn't happy about that but we fixed it with a quick trip to the sink.  The moral to that is, don't play with your food!

After we finished eating, we got to stop by and visit some people who are near and dear to our hearts, and that made us really happy.  The kids were buck-wild by this point, probably from a combination of being tired and overstimulated and MSG in the Chinese food, not to mention all the red food coloring in the Jello!  It was so good to see our friends though.  We sure do miss them and love them.

When we got home last night, as I was getting Selah out of her car seat, she smiled at me and said "Mama, those girls think-ed I was pretty."  I was glad they made her feel special.  We all enjoyed our day, and as always, I'm thankful we had a good, safe day. 

Lining up with her new friends for a dance.
Go Rebs Go!

She said this was her favorite and had to have a picture with this Rebelette before we left

Group picture of all campers with all the Rebelettes!

Hotty Toddy!

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