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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweet Saturday

We woke up feeling good Saturday morning, and ready to have some more fun.  We went downstairs to have some breakfast and saw that they were having an open house for the community that day.  They had a lot of cute decorations put up, and some baseball players from the Birmingham Barons were coming for a visit.

After breakfast, we let the kids play outside on the playground, which they really enjoyed.  Selah found a bunch of roly-polies in the flower bed.  She loves bugs (except for ants!) and gathered up as many of them as she could and put them in a plastic mailbox that was on the playground.  I guess whoever opened the mailbox up after we left got a surprise!

When we went back inside, the baseball players were there.  We were just hanging back and watching, but their manager noticed us and waved us over.  Korban was kind of nervous, but the guys were so nice.  We tried getting a picture of him with them but he wouldn't be still long enough.  I told Brad that Korban photobombs himself.  Ha!  They were very patient and kind though, and even gave us an autographed baseball.

Here's Korban and the Barons...notice Korban is walking away and laughing as I snapped the pic.

And here's Brad and Selah with the guys. 

After that, we packed up and signed out.  We had decided the night before to drive back through Huntsville because there is a Sci-Quest museum there that we could get into free with our Pink Palace Membership.  We'd been there before over a year ago, and the kids liked it a lot, so we thought that would be fun for them.

Korban had himself a meltdown between Birmingham and Huntsville due to the fact that we got Domino's pizza for lunch instead of Papa John's, which apparently was a terrible, grievous error on our part.  At least according to Korban.  If you are wondering how he would know the difference or why it would matter, Papa John's has garlic butter, which  suddenly is vital to Korban's well-being.  But he got the meltdown out of his system by the time we got to Huntsville and was happy getting to go to the museum.

The Sci-Quest museum was a lot of fun.  It's a really neat place.  It's not huge, but it has a lot of cool stuff.  It's all hands-on stuff, and I love to see my kids learning in that way.

Korban thought he'd do a little laundry...

And then play the drums.  He has decided he wants a drum set for Christmas.  Dear Santa, please bring Mama some ear plugs!

Here's Selah scrubbing some vegetables.

But she got tired of me making pictures of her while she worked.  

They had a little disagreement about what needed to be cooked in the oven...

 ...and Selah decided to climb in and take measures into her own hands.  If you are wondering what the big deal was, Korban put a carrot into the oven, and Selah only likes raw carrots.  Don't worry, I explained to her that if this were a real oven, sticking your head in would be a big mistake.  If you don't believe me, read Hansel and Gretel. 
Korban let Selah take the carrot out, but he had the last laugh in this little drama.  He waited until she got interested in the next activity and then he ran back into the kitchen play area, tossed the carrot into the oven, and slammed the door.  Notice the guilty/triumphant look on his face as I caught him in the act.  I call this method "Male Conflict Resolution." 
Here's a little video of their sibling argument, which is pretty hilarious.  I especially love all the swatting at each other, without making contact.  Notice I did make them quit when they actually started hitting each other.  But these kinds of fights just make me laugh!  Listen for Selah telling Korban "Carrots aren't supposed to be tooked!" (cooked)
Here's Selah harvesting all the carrots from the garden.  She took them straight up to the kitchen and left them there. 

He looks like he's thinking "What is that guy doing?"
This thing was cool--you put the ball in the maze and shut the door and the air pressure sucked the ball through the maze.  The kids got a big kick out of it.
Here's Selah playing a giant game of Operation.  Pretty sure she's going to be in the medical profession one day!  ;)

This thing was supposed to simulate a tornado.  We walked up while another girl was in the booth with the door shut as the "tornado" swirled around her.  Korban stared for a minute and then asked bluntly "Is she gonna die?"  Yeah, have I ever mentioned he's Mr. Literal?  Tornado=Bad!  Selah was a little nervous about getting us, but when me or Brad tried to get in with her, Korban pitched a fit.  Apparently he didn't want any of us to die! 
This is a climbing wall that's made to look like skin.  All the climbing bumps are pimples, moles, etc.  Gross, huh?  Selah loved it.  I think she looks like Spiderwoman.

Fun on the shadow wall.

Selah had to bust out some dance moves!

Mommy and Korban's shadows.

This was a robot arm with balls to pick up. I think it reminded him of his dog game!

Korban looking in a mirror.  Love that sweet face!

Korban and Daddy making faces in the mirror.  Love those silly faces too!

Ever wondered what I'd look like tall?  Now you know.  I'm glad God made me short!  (Please notice Korban is flashing his belly and standing on his tiptoes.  He looks like some sort of ballerina bellydancer.  Ha!)

Selah was cracking herself up.  Also, this is the only time in my life I've ever been "all legs."  And the 18 feet of plaid torso is Korban.  Later I asked Korban what his favorite part of the museum was and he said "Looking in the mirrors and laughing."  I think that was my favorite part too. 

We had a blast, and on the way home we were talking about taking the kids to the drive-in in Iuka because Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University were both playing.  We really wanted to go, but weren't sure we should spend the money.  Up until then, we hadn't really spent anything but gas money, which we had to spend to get Korban to his infusion, and a little on food.  When we got home, I checked the mail.  There was a card from one of our sweet family members, just saying she was thinking about us and wanted to send us a little something to do something nice for the kids.  The card had $20.00 in it.  It cost $14.00 to get into the movies, plus $5.00 for a large drink and popcorn.  That equals $19.00, so we actually made a dollar off the movies we were wanting to see.  Which is a funny way of saying it, but we were so blessed to be able to take the kids and end the night in a relaxing way.  They loved seeing those movies and behaved the best they ever have, even though we had had such a busy weekend.  They were exhausted and fell asleep on the way home.  Korban passed out clutching the inflatable airplane he got at Treetop.  Thank the Lord for a great weekend!


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