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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Windshield Woes

On Friday Korban had a physical therapy appointment at 9:00 in Iuka. They had been seeing him at ESY, but since school is over with until August, the therapist called me and asked if I wanted to bring him into the clinic so there wouldn’t be a gap in services over the next few weeks. I was thankful to have that option and told her I would be glad to bring him in. So Friday was our first time at this particular clinic, and I was a little worried that Korban wouldn’t go back with the therapist and that it would be hard to keep Selah entertained while we waited.

No need to worry–as soon as we walked in, Selah noticed that they had an indoor playground set up right off of the waiting room with different types of swings and stuff on it. Of course she bolted for that, and the physical therapist said it was fine for her to play on it. One problem solved! Korban likes this therapist and had no real problems going back with her to do his exercises. He left Grandpa Bear sitting on the couch in the lobby to wait for him. (Grandpa Bear is a fuzzy brown bear he likes to tote with him when he’s giving Tigger a rest.)

Selah approved of this new clinic.

Oh yes, she did.

And they said Korban did well. He had one outburst and pulled the therapist’s hair, which I hated, but she said she was okay. We left there and went to the courthouse to get a new tag for my van. The kids were good, but Selah made me laugh. The lady asked me if I could be paying with cash or check and I said "Cash," Selah reached over onto the counter, where they had some business cards sitting out and picked up a handful of them, showed the lady and said "I have some cash!" I made her put most of them back, but she refused to be parted with all of her "money" On the next errand we ran, she showed her "cash" to those people too. 

From there, we headed onto Corinth. I had several more errands to run, and we planned on meeting Brad for lunch.; The kids were excited about that, and so was I. Korban has several places he really loves to eat, but he doesn’t really care as long as we can go to "The Restaurant" which is always how he refers to going out to eat. I had to get gas first because the van was on empty. Brad and I agreed to meet at Kroger, because he needed gas too, and then we would head on to eat. I explained to the kids that I had to get gas, and Korban started fussing about going on to the restaurant. He had refused to eat breakfast, and although he had a small snack, I knew he was hungry. Usually they do okay with stopping to get gas (although he used to get upset about me getting out to pump) so I honestly didn’t think it would be an issue. I got out to swipe my debit card and fill up the van. As I was putting in the PIN, I heard both kids crying in the van. I went and opened Selah’s door and she was very upset and holding her face. I asked her what happened and she was finally able to tell me that Korban threw his shoe and hit her. I got her out to hold, and they both continued to cry. I figured I could hold her while I pumped the gas and that would keep Korban from doing anything else to her. We had just moved his car seat up from the back row of the van because we needed the room back there for something a few days earlier, but it just doesn’t work with Korban sitting across from Selah in easy reach of her.

 I noticed about that time that her nose was bleeding a little, and felt really bad that he had hit her that hard. I got a napkin and was cleaning her up when Brad pulled up. I explained to him what had happened and he started pumping gas in both vehicles while trying to help me calm both the kids down. We had just finished getting the gas, when Korban squirmed sideways in his seat, leaned across the aisle and pulled Selah’s sippy cup of milk out of her cup holder. Then he threw it with all of his might. It smacked into the windshield–a full, insulated sippy cup–with such force that the windshield cracked. Seriously.

If you look closely, you can see high-velocity chocolate milk splatter.
And what a pretty day it was, look at that beautiful sky!

What do you do in a situation like that? I mean for discipline. It’s not like we could put him in time-out in the gas station parking lot. Spanking was out of the question, as we were both pretty upset. There is no reasoning with Korban and explaining how dangerous it is to throw stuff. Obviously, we’ve told him all that a million times before and clearly, it isn’t helping. I thought me and Brad were both going to sit down and cry, but we managed to suck it up. Brad moved Korban back to the back of the van. We broke the news that we wouldn’t be going to "The Restaurant." There was much sadness in the land.

We knew the kids were hungry, so we ran though a drive-through and got us all something to eat. Instead of a nice, sit-down lunch, we left Brad’s truck at his office and he drove me around while we hastily swallowed our food. I had several errands to run in Corinth, and since Korban was still upset, taking the kids in was out of the question, so I was very thankful Brad offered to sit with them so I could run in and out and do what I needed to do. I needed to go by and check on getting more contacts, and just as I was about to get out there, we heard a splat and Brad and I were suddenly covered in ranch dressing. Korban still wasn’t over his fit, and some ranch dressing got sacrificed in the process. It wasn’t painful, but it was messy. We took turns wiping ranch out of each other’s hair with a napkin. I told Brad maybe ranch has really good conditioning properties. Apparently, that worried him because he went and got a haircut after work yesterday, haha.

Korban started calming down before we left Corinth and as soon as we got home, he went and laid down on the couch and went to sleep. Selah laid down beside him to keep him company, and I was hopeful that naps are contagious, but she didn’t catch one. The rest of our day was pretty uneventful.

(Yes, I made her get down and repositioned his head back on the couch.  Couldn't believe all her squirming didn't wake him up!)

Behavior while travelling has taken a turn for the worse, to the point of being dangerous.  Not really sure how to handle that one completely, because we obviously can't just stay home, but we need to be safe.  I'm looking into car seats with  five-point harnesses that are large enough to accommodate Korban.  He weighs over 70 lbs, and the high back booster just doesn't do all it needs to do to keep him still, thus keeping him and all the rest of us safe.  Had he been strapped into a five-point harness, I don't think he would be able to squirm around enough to get the cup in the first place.  No matter how much we tighten the seat belts in the van, they still loosen up for him to move about way too much.  If anyone has any opinions on good car seat options for bigger, older children, please let me know.  Thanks!

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