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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funny/Sweet Things That Korban Has Prayed For

I love to hear Korban say his bedtime prayers.  When he finally had enough words to pray, Brad and I would sort of guide him into what to say and he would repeat after us.  We didn't realize he would repeat verbatim (although we should've realized that!).  For example, we started out telling him "Bless your teachers," and he still to this day prays "Bless your teachers," every night.  Oh, those pronouns.  They get him (almost) every time.  But God knows what he means.  And I have to wonder if God gets as cracked up and as teary eyed as I do listening to him.  As he is gaining more speech, he is able to pray for what he wants and not just what we tell him.  He always likes for us to repeat whatever he has said back to him, and that is how he knows to move on to the next item on his list.  Otherwise, he just blesses the same person/thing over and over.  So here is a list of some of my favorites, although I'm sure more will come to mind later:

--Bless ketchup
--Bless Muck (from Bob the Builder, only Korban pronounces it "Meck")
--Bless Veggie Tales
--Bless bellybuttons (He's seriously obsessed with bellybuttons--more on that later. And sometimes he prays for specific people's bellybuttons.)
--Bless screaming  (He has a real issue with screaming that we have been trying to deal with for a loooong time now.  I have prayed extensively about this too, except my prayers usually sound something like "Dear God, please let it stop.")
--Bless time out.
--Bless Mommy/Daddy saying "go to your room."  (I think this may actually qualify as praying for those who persecute you.  Ha!)
--Bless little poke.  (His term for getting a shot or finger stick.  And I'm pretty sure in this case "bless" means "don't let that happen anymore.")
--Bless take off the Band-Aid  (This one was said after I put a Band-Aid on his foot and he wanted to take it off and I wouldn't let him.  He has a real sensory issue with Band-Aids.  I think he was trying to go over my head by praying on that one.)
--He also prays "Get well," which is probably due to how often he and his sister have been sick, so that one's sort of sad and sweet.
--For some friends who are struggling with infertility he would say "Pleeeeease bring them a baby!"
--One night he said "Bless Sue Song."  I just sat there dumbfounded, because I had no idea who Sue Song was.  Again he prayed "Bless Sue Song" while watching me out of the corner of his eye.  Seriously, all I could think of was Sue Storm from The Fantastic Four, and I knew we hadn't let him watch that.  When I still didn't repeat him or respond in any way he poked me in the shoulder, stuck his face in mine and practically shouted "BLESS SUE SONG, MOMMY!!!"  I then realized he meant our friend Suzanne, and I quickly said "Bless Suzanne!" and he was happy.

Oh, and he says "Bless your friends" just like he says "bless your teachers."  We really should've thought and used "my" when we taught him that, but it's still sweet.  He also blesses Mommy, Daddy, Selah, Nana, Mammaw, Grandpa, Uncle Clay, Aunt Kelly, Trevor and Haiden (his cousins)  most every night.  Sometimes he randomly throws in a family member or friend's name that we haven't even necessarily been seeing or talking about, so I have to wonder if he's not more perceptive and a better interceder than I am sometimes!  He always starts out with "Dear God" (or as he says it "De-ah God") and then he says his list and ends it with "Thank You Jesus, Amen."  Sweet boy.

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