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Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Blessings

I can't believe Korban is 7 today!  It does not seem like it was that long ago that I was getting to hold him for the first time.  Now I know what everybody is always saying kids grow up too fast--it's because it's true!!! 

We had his birthday party yesterday afternoon at our church.  It went really well, and I was so happy about that.  I wanted him to be able to enjoy himself, and I really feel like he did.  He wanted a bouncy house, even though he used to be afraid of them.  He still doesn't really jump in them much, but he sure does like to look at them.  For some reason, he especially loves to see them being inflated, and then deflated and taken down at the end and he got to see that yesterday so he was excited.  Right after it went up, Selah got right in, and Korban's teacher was able to convince him to get in the bouncy house.  We got in with them, and it was fun.  Although I still felt like I was bouncing around after I got out. 

We had a good turnout for his party, and I was thankful for all the people that were able to come out and celebrate with us.  Korban was SO excited.  He kept running up and giving people hugs, which was really sweet.  Except his hugs can just about knock you off your feet if you aren't prepared.  Thankfully, most everybody knows to lock their knees and assume their best football stance when they see Korban running towards them. 

Korban was looking forward to eating the cake--he loves  cake!  We went with a monster theme for the cake and food, since he loves the movie Monsters Inc.  Brad and I made his cake, which was fun.  My problem is I look at Pinterest, and I think I can do most anything, and I can't actually so my husband has to save me.  He's better at most of that stuff than me, but he doesn't want anyone to know.  Sorry honey.  Secret's out.  We did a layer cake, one layer was blue and the other layer was green.  We used the color changing Jello pudding for the filling between the layers.  It was a really funky green color and we thought it would be like slime oozing out when we cut the cake.  I discovered yesterday that I can make my own buttercream frosting.  I also discovered that I cannot make it without globs of butter flying about my kitchen like small aircrafts and flurries of powdered sugar flying up in my face and blinding me.  Not the first time something like this has happened to me, which led to Korban referring to my mixer as "the cement mixer."  I think I need a Kitchen Aid!  But anyway, the buttercream worked out, and we dyed it bright blue.  To decorate the top of it, we used "monster eyes."  (Marshmallows dipped in chocolate with edible eyes on them.)  I messed up one round of the eyes by adding too much food coloring to the melting chocolate and hardening it so that I couldn't dip the marshmallows.  Not wanting to waste good chocolate, I rolled it into balls and Brad placed them around the bottom of the cake.  Looked kinda like monster snot balls.  Sounds yummy, right?  Here's our finished product

Oh, and the cups are different color puddings with sprinkles, and googly eyes hot glued to the cup.  Those eyes are not to eat.  And we had green punch too.  Selah and I still have hands stained from food coloring and I think we used every bowl in the kitchen.  Totally worth it though!  When we got ready to cut the cake, Korban started singing the happy birthday song.  It was sweet. Then he let everybody sing to him and blew out his candle.  I was proud.  We used to really have to work on that when he was younger.
After that, he opened presents.  Again, I wasn't really sure how he would do, but he was good.  We had to chase him down a few times and bring him back to open more gifts, because he would open one thing and then run around to show it off to everybody.  He loves hats, and he got a new one.  He went and got his Uncle Clay and made him wear it.  He kept adjusting it to make sure it was just right on him. 
He got a lot of cool toys.  This one shoots water!
"It's over, it's over, it's all over now"
...a line from an Audio A song...
as he stands victorious over the downed bouncy house

And here's a couple of videos: 
When people ask me what to get Korban, I always say he's easy to please.  I think this video demonstrates that.  If you look closely, you can see the gift (an Ole Miss shirt!) fall out when he opens it--he had it upside down, opened the bottom of the box and the shirt came out the top. So when he looked in the box all he saw was paper.  He thought that was his gift, and he was WAY excited about it.  So funny. 

 Likewise, this is Korban getting really into a package of socks.  That boy makes me smile. 
 Here he is fitting Uncle Clay in the "cowboy" hat.
 My sweet Selah got some gifts too!  This is her opening one right before we left.  Please note all the background noise as me and the grandparents scream at Korban while Brad makes fun of us.  In our defense, he was trying to stick a leaf (and maybe his fingers) in the central air unit. 
Grateful for a happy birthday and that my kids have so many sweet people that love them!

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