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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boys Night Out, Girls Night In

Yesterday was a not so good day. By "not so good," I mean biting, hair pulling, standing on the kitchen table, whining, screaming, pooping in the floor, terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. Well, I can't honestly say it was no good. There's SOME good in every day, and I've had days a lot worse than yesterday. But it was very trying on patience and I fell into bed exhausted last night praying "Please let tomorrow be better!"

And it was!  Today was busy, but I'm tired in a good way tonight. This is how my day went:  Dropped Selah off at head start, took Korban to school to see his teacher and physical therapist, went home and did a few things there, went and picked Selah up, took both kids to play therapy and then back home for ABA therapy. (Yes that's a lot of therapy but most days aren't this full and we are just very thankful to be getting it!)  

When Brad got off work he and Korban headed off to the Crossroads Arena for the Rebel Road Trip. It's a dinner and meet and greet with the Ole Miss football coaches and of course my boys were very excited about it. 

See that happy face?

I love this picture!  This is Korban and Brad with head football coach Hugh Freeze. He is seriously a class act and I'm glad he's our coach. He was very nice to Korban and told him he looked like he was ready to wrestle. Brad said when he got up to speak, he was like "Where's my buddy Korban?" They were standing in the back because Korban had gotten overwhelmed and Brad was walking him around, but the coach called him out!  How cool is that?  Nice man. 

They brought Selah home a surprise. :)

And here's Korban's.  Love the fact that Coach Freeze put Bible verses on there. 

While our boys were doing their thing, Selah and I were enjoying some girl time. Of course, we felt the need to make something yummy in the kitchen. Selah loves to help in the kitchen. She even "reads" recipes and tries to boss me around. Ha!

Tonight we made two different kinds of fudge. The first kind was supposed to be healthy, so that's why we made two. One healthy, one not so much. Selah is so much like me when it comes to sweets!  Cracks me up. 

"Hello, lover."

"Prepare to die, fudge!" 


Ever had one of those moments?  

(And even though the fudge was "healthy" I promise I didn't let her eat all those pieces on her plate. She didn't even try to eat that much. It really was good though! ) 

Here's the link with the recipe if anyone is interested. I'm storing mine in the freezer. So good like that!


We also made a chocolate chip cookie dough fudge. It's still setting up in the fridge and I haven't even sampled it yet, but it looks fantastic. 

I brought out a new sensory bin in honor of spring. We used coffee beans and plastic carrot containers from Dollar Tree. She loved it. 

She really enjoyed scooping the coffee beans into the carrots and "planting" the carrots. 

It also lead to an interesting conversation.  Selah planted some of her toy animals in the garden and then laughed because animals don't grow in gardens. I asked her if she grew in a garden and she laughed and said "No, I grew in God's heaven."  Awww. She amazes me sometimes. But it's not always that easy. She wanted to know how she got here after that and I told her she grew in my belly. She shouted "Gross!  Did you EAT me?!?" Like I said, not always that easy. ;)

So, today was much better than yesterday and tonight we enjoyed splitting the kids up and having some one on one time with them. That's so necessary sometimes. Now mommy and daddy just need to carve out time for a date night!  ;)

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