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Thursday, February 18, 2016

10 Signs You're A Service Dog Mama

1) Your daughter gets upset because you have dog treats in your purse but no actual human snacks. 

2) "OOH LOOK A DOGGY!" is your cue to keep your eyes focused straight ahead and walk faster. 
3) You find yourself giving your kids one word commands such as "Here," and "Sit!"

4) After doing #3, you always ponder the fact that your dog listens better than your kids and are just grateful that someone minds. 

5) You are continually perplexed at the number of people that think this does not apply to them: 

6) But you are extremely grateful for people that understand this and have good service dog etiquette. 

7) Can answer questions about why we have a service dog, what he does, how we got him, and the Americans With Disabilities Act while grocery shopping, sitting in waiting rooms, trying to use a public restroom, etc. Depending on the day, sometimes the answers are more coherent than others! 

8) Chose your parking spots based on the nearest available bush or patch of grass. 

9) Think to yourself if you had known your child would actually sleep in his own bed once he got his dog, you might've actually stolen one several years back. (Not really, but oh my word. I kiss Jet goodnight and pray for him just like I do Korban when I put them to bed every night.) 

10) You had no idea you could love a dog so much. I just thought I liked animals before. Jet is family. 💙

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