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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zhu Zhus, Shopping, and a Birthday Party

Korban got a Zhu Zhu pet last year for Christmas.  My aunt actually got it for us to give him, because they were really hard to come by. We were thrilled, because we had given up on finding him one. It was one of Korban's favorite gifts.  He called it "mouse" which was sort of gross, and he was really thrilled that it could move about on its own.  The only problem with the "mouse" was that it was prone to run under pieces of furniture.  It disappeared on or about January 1st, and we had not heard from it since.  We conducted several search parties, which didn't turn up anything.  While shopping at a consignment sale this past October, I found the little Zhu Zhu  maze thing with two Zhu Zhu pets for $12.00.  I snapped it up, and stashed it for Christmas.  Then they were on sale at Wal-Mart for $4.00 on Black Friday.  I planned to get four, one for each of my children, and one for each of my nephews.  I figured if we had four at my house, that should hold my children to spring at least.  But the Zhu Zhu pallet was completed decimated  before we ever got a chance to descend upon it, so we didn't walk away with four like we planned.  We were actually standing in the produce section deciding which loot we wanted to keep and what we wanted to put back, when Brad noticed a random unattended buggy next to us.  Brad walked over to a group of people standing nearby and asked if the buggy belonged to them.  It didn't.  He continued to look for its owner.  I didn't see what the big deal was.  The buggy had a Rubbermaid container and a few other random things in it.  I asked Brad what was going on, and he reached in the buggy and produced a Zhu Zhu.  We looked left.  We looked right.  No one appeared and pounced on us, and so put the Zhu Zhu from the abandoned buggy in our buggy and moved on.  I said to Brad "Now that we have new ones, you know the old one will come back, right?  It will smell the new hamster blood and come out to play with them."  He laughed.  I was right.  Last week, Brad pushed our big entertainment center in the living room away from the wall and I was sweeping behind it.  I found a plethora of dust bunnies and Megabloks, but nothing terribly exciting.  And then I noticed a little pink nose sticking out from the side that was still against the wall.  I got a flashlight and confirmed my suspicion.  The prodigal Zhu Zhu was home.  I tried to sweep him out with my broom, to no avail.  I had to pry him out with a coat hanger.  He was really stuck, so it took some prodding.  During this whole process, he was making all those whistling, chirping noises that mechanical hamsters are prone to make.  I'm pretty sure he was mocking me.  At any rate, he is now free and from now on whenever I lose something or we appear to be short on Megabloks, I know to check the entertainment center first.  (And just in case anybody was wondering, I really do sweep behind the entertainment center more than once a year.  At least twice!)

We had Selah's birthday party yesterday.  It was a lot of fun.  Korban was extremely excited about it.  He doesn't care whose birthday it is, as long as there is a "tuptake" in it for him.  He helped me shop for the party, and was really excited to pick out balloons.  He LOVES balloons, maybe even more than he loves tuptakes.  He told me we needed a "Buzz Light" balloon.  I didn't think it totally  fit with the princess theme, but we sure got one anyway.  We bought the balloons at our local Dollar General.  Several of the balloons had lost a little air, and I asked the cashier if they could put some more helium in them.  She said sure, no problem, and called a clerk to come do that.  While we waited, Korban talked to the cashier and the sweet lady in line behind us about Selah's birthday.  They thought he was adorable, and he was being so cute.  Then the clerk showed up to get the balloons, and I handed the bunch to her.  I didn't even think that this looked to Korban that I was giving them away and might stress him.  I didn't consider that at all.  So I pass the balloons off, and the cashier if asking me how old Selah is, and I tell her one.  She asked Korban's age, and I told her four.  She said "Oh, that's such a sweet age.  They are just about perfect at that age."  I was agreeing with her when Korban went into freakout mode over me handing the balloons off to a total stranger who disappeared with them.  He punched me in the back and shouted "Hurt Mommy!  Blood come out!"  Yeah.  Perfect.  I continued to smile and nod at the cashier, who was now looking at us strangely.  The balloons came back in record time, and life was good again.  Oh, well.  I strongly dislike the use of the word "perfect" when it applies to fallible human beings anyway.

Selah seemed to really enjoy her first birthday party.  She and Korban both did well with out house being full of guests and  excitement.  Selah was too busy playing to take much of a time-out to open her gifts.  It was funny.  In most of the pictures, I am opening her gifts with one hand and holding her in my lap with the other hand while she tries to squirm away from me.  She got a lot of nice gifts, including but not limited to a Fur Real kitty, Fur Real bear cub, and a Zhu Zhu.  Our house is full of talking, moving animals.  My kids are thrilled.  (And I have to admit, they really are cool!)  It was a blessing to be able to celebrate with our family and friends.  My kids had a ball.  We are well stocked with Zhu Zhus.  I couldn't ask for more!  (As I type this, Korban's "mouse" ran into a chair and he shouted "Bump your noggin!  You okay, mouse?"  I love it!)

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