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Thursday, March 24, 2011


After me calling, pleading, fussing, and waiting for six weeks, Mr. Internet Man showed up unexpectedly to fix our satellite internet yesterday.  I didn't know whether to hug him or take a swing at him.  Just kidding.  I know it wasn't his fault, totally, so I was very happy to see him.  After re-setting our satellite in concrete this time (because apparently sandy soil WILL shift--not exactly brand-new information) we were good to go.  Hope it lasts!

So today did NOT work out like we had planned.  We've been wanting to take Korban to the Memphis Zoo for a long time, and now Selah is old enough to enjoy it too.  The weather forecast was glorious, and Brad had some comp time he needed to use before it expired so he took off and we planned to head out for Memphis.  Selah got up yesterday sneezing with a runny nose, but it didn't seem too serious.  I gave her some Zyrtec her doctor had prescribed for her before we went to bed last night and assumed she would be good to go.  She woke up during the night crying and when I picked her up, I noticed she was hot.  Brad went and got the thermometer and her temp was 101.4.  Not good.  I undressed her and stayed up for a while with her until her fever went down.  She was alert and playful, so I still didn't think it was anything too major.  When we got up this morning, Brad took Selah to the doctor.  He actually needed refills on his asthma meds and he is in the midst of a big asthma flare-up, so they both went to his doctor.  Selah tested positive for Flu A.  Yucko.  I honestly wasn't even worried about her having the flu.  I was hoping we were past flu season, but apparently not.  Korban is okay so far, but I am eyeing him suspiciously and worrying.  Again, yuck.  Worrying about being sick is almost as bad as actually being sick.  My mom did come and get Korban, but he has already been exposed to Selah and he doesn't stay the night away from us, so I guess we will just watch him closely.  I feel fine.  Hope that continues, since I don't do sick very well.  Korban was a little disappointed about not going to see the "ammals" today, but he handled it well.  I didn't even tell him we were going to the zoo until last night before bed, and now I wish I hadn't told him at all.  But maybe we can go soon.  Selah usually bounces back from things pretty well, and I'm praying this is no different.

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