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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Bits and Pieces

So Korban randomly said to me tonight "I do not have any mustache."  Ummmm, no bud, you don't.  Which is okay, because it would really set you apart from the rest of the preschool set.  Wow.  He saw an episode of Sesame Street a long time ago, and the word of the day was "mustache," and he's been a little obsessed with them since.  Mainly pointing them out on other people and such.  I didn't think he actually wanted to grow one, but maybe I read him wrong.  At any rate, he pronounces it a lot better than he used to.  He used to say it "moo-natch."  Once we spent an entire family get-together with Brad's family with Korban pointing at Brad's hairy-faced uncle and repeatedly shouting "Moo-natch!"  No one had any idea what he was saying.  It was actually sort of funny.  Thank you Sesame Street.

Speaking of tv shows, I don't watch a lot of tv other than the aforementioned Sesame Street and Bob the Builder.  Actually I mainly just listen to Bob, because that is what Korban usually watches when we are travelling and I can't see the screen, of course.  We only had one Bob the Builder DVD, and Korban fell in love with it.  I remedied that by purchasing several more at the last consignment sale I shopped.  I was pretty excited to have some new listening material, seeing as how we spend a lot of time in our van and I pretty much had that first one memorized.  I even found one DVD that was something about Bob playing with his friends, and I was hoping it would help Korban somehow with his social skills since that area is such a struggle for us.  I realize that's a pretty tall order for poor ol' Bob, but he has caused peace to fall in the van on long road trips in a way that was not previously possible, so what can I say?  I heart Bob.  So I excitedly popped that DVD in for Korban to watch and immediately thought "Huh?"  The outer package was all in English but the characters were speaking Spanish.  I'm not sure why, but it struck me as really funny and I had a good laugh.  I wrote it off as the best three dollars I ever wasted.  A few days later I played it for Brad.  After he got finished laughing, he said "First of all, that's French, not Spanish."  (Sure enough, on the "Yes we can!" part of the theme song, they were saying "Oui" not "Si," so kudos to Brad for figuring that out.)  The second thing he did was change the language setting to English, thereby rendering it understandable to us.  (And that's why I married him.)  I didn't know Bob was bilingual.  That building dude is full of surprises.  Since we love him so much, we've decided to have a Bob the Builder themed birthday party for Korban next month.  He really loves birthdays, and last years party was SO much fun, so I'm hoping this year is just as good.  We'll keep you posted.

Going back to tv, if it wasn't for the DVR I might never get to watch anything that didn't involve Muppets or talking bulldozers.  My only challenge is staying awake long enough to watch anything when I finally get to sit down at night.  We have a big backlog of shows that we watch, but that's good I guess. Gives us some entertainment to look forward to, and I'm not worried that I'm wasting my life away in front of the television.  Which is a big deal, considering all the quality television shows you've got out there:  Billy the Exterminator, Hoarders, Animal Hoarders, I'm Pregnant and a Hoarder, I'm Pregnant and a Nudist, etc.  Okay, I'll admit to actually watching Billy the Exterminator a couple of times.  And a little bit of Hoarders.  Actually Brad watches Billy sometimes, and Korban passed through once and developed an unhealthy (in my eyes) interest in it.  So when he starts picking up snakes and cussin' ya'll just direct your comments to his daddy, okay?  Just saying...  And my friend Cindy loves Hoarders.  She's always calling and telling me when it comes on and wanting me to watch it.  I really should, because it would probably get me all pumped about cleaning and throwing stuff out, but I just don't have time.  Oh, and Cindy and I did once discuss that if you happened to be a Pregnant Nudist Hoarder, you could hide behind all your piles of stuff.  Not that a nudist would want to hide.  She and I have some strange conversations...

One show I LOVE is Burn Notice, on USA.  We were really late getting to watch this last season, and only finished the season finale a few weeks ago.  It was awesome.  I know James and Suzanne will know what I'm talking about when I tell this story, and if you don't watch this show, you might want to check it out.  I made Brad save the finale on the DVR so I could go back and watch parts of it again.  It was just that good.  I normally never watch things like that when Korban is awake, but he was actively involved in playing with something in his room, and I didn't think he would notice, so I turned it on.  I mainly wanted to see Fiona jump down in the foxhole with Michael because that was just so stinkin' cool.  So I turned it on and was watching the part leading up to that.  Michael is already is his little foxhole and Jesse and Fiona are discussing their plan of action.  She tells him she needs to be with Michael, and he tries to talk her out of it, knowing how risky it will be.  She says she has to be with Michael, kisses Jesse on the lips, and turns and runs down the hallway, presumably to die alongside Michael.  Korban had slipped up beside me unnoticed and was watching this with growing concern--it was an intense scene.  When Fiona kisses Jesse and leaves, Korban said to the tv screen "Mommy WILL come back and get you."  I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.  He had no idea why.  I turned the tv off and went on about our business, but I will never see that scene without laughing about that.  As a side note, Korban used to have some pretty major separation anxiety but now that is how he reassures himself when I drop him off at school, or the Autism Center.  He hugs me bye and then tell himself "Mommy will come back and get you."  Sweet, huh?

Selah is feeling better.  I took her back to the doctor for a re-check today and she hasn't developed any secondary infections or anything, so that is great.  She hasn't slept well at all the past two nights, so I was sort of worried about her.  She may just be teething though.  The doctor explained that the flu kind of wipes your system out and can make you vulnerable to things for several weeks. He told me "Don't let your guard down," and that made me smile.  I'm paranoid, bordering of freakishly so, when it comes to my kids.  When does my guard EVER go down?  But I guess there are worse ways to be.

Selah's been her usual busy self the past few days, so she must be feeling pretty well.  I turn my back for a second, she's on top of the kitchen table.  Or any other surface she shouldn't be scaling.  Her answer for most everything these days is "Noooo."  Her verbal ability amazes me though.  She is attempting to put some words together.  She has been saying "Get it," which is used almost as must as "No."  And she's been working on "I love you."  It comes out more like "Ah woo woo," but very sweet nevertheless.  I was about to put Korban to bed the other night, and Brad was going to lay Selah down, and we were all telling each other good night.  I told Selah I loved her and she actually responded "I love you," or as she says "Ah woo woo."  I was amazed and kept telling her I loved her so she would say it back to me.  She showed off several more times and then apparently got tired of it because I said "I love you!" and she replied "No."  That girl!

Well, I am off to other things.  Hope we get some sleep tonight!

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