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Monday, May 7, 2012

Maybe we should cut back on The Lion King...

Korban didn't talk until after he turned three.  We were so worried.  I thought he might never talk.  Over the years he has become more and more verbal, which is such a blessing.  I will never regret all those hours in speech therapy.  Even if I did take him to a dr's appointment today and as soon as the dr walked in the room Korban looked up at him and said "You look like a warthog!"  "Sweet Jesus," I thought, "HELP ME!!!"  I did not see that one coming.  Just for the record, the dr doesn't look like a warthog to me.  He is an ENT, and he does wear one of those little miner-light deals on his head, so maybe that looked warthoggish to Korban.  I honestly don't know.  What do you say when your completely unfiltered child blurts out something like that?  I don't know the answer to that one either.  The dr just went on about his business while I mentally slithered out of my chair and hid underneath it.  I'm sure I looked like I had been gonged over the head with a frying pan.  I wish I had said "Oh, I'm sorry.  You know he has speech issues and he gets the words 'warthog' and 'movie star' confused.  His speech therapist is working with him on that one."

We saw this dr for the first time three weeks ago due to chronic nosebleeds.  He cauterized Korban's nose, which has really helped the nosebleeds, but apparently Korban hasn't quite forgiven him for it yet.  (Let me just say that we put off cauterization for a long time and I regretted that because the whole thing was over in about 20 seconds and was much less traumatic for Korban than repeated nosebleeds.  Or at least I thought it was.)

I do recall telling the dr last time that Korban still manages to snore, despite no longer having tonsils or adenoids.  I always tell Korban that he snores like a warthog, so maybe that's how the connection was made.  When will I learn???

This appointment today was just a follow-up and other than the warthog incident, it went just fine.  Korban played on his iPad in the waiting room and he was really good.  He loves the iPad, and it is a lifesaver on days like today.  We've been working on an alphabet tracing app, and he's getting better at it.  He's also starting to recognize most of the letters of the alphabet, which is exciting.

Right now, Korban is snoozing and so far he isn't snoring.  And if he should ever happen to tell any of you that you look like a warthog, please know in advance that he dearly loves the Lion King, especially Pumbaa, and I'm sure he means it as a compliment.

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