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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Tooth Fairy

Korban got his first visit from the Tooth Fairy last week!  He was sort of late getting teeth, and therefore, late loosing them as well.  We noticed a while back that his bottom two teeth were getting "wiggly" and we had been talking about it.  He was excited about all of this, and he had been telling me he needed to go to the dentist.  We had not been to the dentist yet because we made him an appointment and then found out about his heart murmur and had to cancel it until we knew if he was going to have to be premedicated or not.  As it turned out, his murmur is benign and he didn't need to take antibiotics before seeing the dentist.  But we had never gotten around to rescheduling all of that.

So both kids really needed to see the dentist, and Korban wanted to show off his wiggly teeth.  So on Thursday, I took the kids to the dentist.  As I was sitting in the waiting room filling out the paperwork, they came out and told me that they did not take Korban's insurance.  Selah was good to go, though, so we stayed.  I was worried Korban would be upset about not getting to see the dentist, but they were very good about it and made sure to give Korban attention and treats too.  It probably worked out for the best.  He got to see his sister get her dental exam and she modeled it really well for him.  He will wind up seeing a pediatric dentist in Oxford at a later date. 

Selah enjoyed her dentist visit.  She was a little nervous about them cleaning her teeth, so they just brushed them with a toothbrush.  They said it's better to build up slowly rather than do everything at once and make her scared to go to the dentist, and I appreciated that.  She did let them do x-rays, which I was proud of, and the good news is she doesn't have any cavities! 

Here's Selah watching TV in the dentist's chair.  Notice she took her well-loved Piggy with her.
Korban (and Tigger)  were SO good!
Selah and Korban both liked the sunglasses.  I love this picture!
So after the dentist, (and me having a little meltdown in the parking lot because Selah walked away from me towards the road while I was unlocking the van and a car was coming--so scary!) we went home.  The kids were very excited to tell Daddy all about the dentist.  After giving Korban a bath and getting him ready for bed, I noticed that one of his loose teeth was REALLY wiggly.  I told him to go show Daddy, and he did.  Brad said that the tooth was so loose it needed to go ahead and come out.  So he got ready to pull it!  
This is the before picture--you can see it's the tooth that poking out.  And also, look at those pretty eyelashes!  Sweet boy. 
So Brad got ready to try to pull it, and Korban was excited.  But Brad couldn't get a grip on that little, slippery tooth.  So he had the idea to tie some string to it.  I thought that whole process sounded gross to me, but Brad insisted he had tried it when he was a kid and it worked just fine.  When I grimaced, he said "Well, how did you lose your teeth when you were a kid?"  I said "I cried, and was dramatic, and they bribed me with My Little Ponies."  He rolled his eyes and said "I lost most of mine in fights with my brother."  Growing up as an only child, I have no frame of reference!  And apparently, my dear husband has no frame of reference for the My Little Pony bribes either.  

Anyway, I went and got a long piece of dental floss for Brad to loop around Korban's tooth.  We told him it was like a balloon string, but he was not impressed.  He had been so good about the whole process and we didn't want to upset him, so we scrapped that idea.  I got Brad a little bath cloth to help him grip, and he was able to pull that tooth right out.  Korban giggled through the whole thing!  It was cool.  Right away, he wanted to go look at the gap, so I took him to the bathroom to let him look in the mirror.  He laughed and laughed at his reflection.  He was so proud! 

As we were leaving the bathroom, I noticed that I could hear Selah howling from her bedroom.  We walked in to find her collapsed across Brad's lap, wrapped around his leg like a vine, and screaming like a banshee.  And Brad was laughing, of all things.  "What happened to her?" I asked him.  "She's mad because I won't pull any of her teeth!" he explained.  Of course, we both thought it was hilarious, and the more we laughed, the madder she got. 
But seriously, how could we keep a straight face?  Poor baby sister.;..

Here's the after shot of Korban...

I love this one!  Look at those eyes!  And you can see him feeling of the gap with his tongue.  So cute!

So, we put the tooth under Korban's pillow, and sure enough, the Tooth Fairy came to visit!  Since Korban is seven and a half, he got $7.50.  He said he was saving it for Chuck E. Cheese's.  Precious.  And yes, we did get to go this weekend, but that's another story!  That's the first tooth of many our sweet boy will loose, and I hope he handles them all as well as he did this first one.  And I also hope Selah doesn't find our hammer!  Although, personally, I think if Korban thinks Tooth Fairy money should be spent on Chuck E. Cheese trips, Selah is benefiting from Korban's teeth without loosing any of hers.  I suppose that isn't as exciting for Little Miss Drama though.  ;)

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