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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meet the Rebels 2014

We went to Meet the Rebels this past Saturday. It's an annual (free!) event that Ole Miss holds before football season officially starts each year. Basically it just gives everyone who wants to a chance to see the players and coaches up close and personal and get some autographs. Everyone we got to see was so friendly and polite. I think it's so nice that they do this. We had a great time, and of course we are very excited for football season to start. 

Miss Priss was all dolled up in her Rebel gear. 

The ladies golf team had this set up, and Selah was excited to try it out. 

Several of the ladies remembered Selah from previous events we had attended. I thought that was sweet. 


This was a football toss game that both kids enjoyed. 

They got prizes for playing!


And pinwheels! 

Korban was so excited to get to see the players!  He was telling them stuff like "Hotty Toddy" and "Go Rebs!" and of course they loved that. They were really nice to him and gave him fist bumps and high fives and stuff. I was really excited because I don't remember him interacting like that last year, and it made me really happy to see that. 

They had a photo area set up and it was the cutest thing ever!  I think we've found our Christmas card. ;). I put the helmet on Selah but she seriously couldn't raise her chin up off her chest so I just let her hold it for the picture. Ha!  

My friend Eugenia edited this pic for me and I absolutely loved the way it looked. Isn't that cool?!?

Ole Miss has been doing a ton of renovations and everything is looking so nice. The kids are trying to do the "land shark," but they look like they are about to swoon instead. We will have to practice. 

She wanted to "write" Ole Miss with her finger...

And her feet!  

Thankful for a fun family day. :)

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