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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Soup

We had a fun time this weekend, continuing with all things sensory. I made "Halloween Soup" in the sand and water table as a surprise for the kids. I filled it up with water first, and I wanted to color the water orange. I was going to just use orange food coloring but then I spotted some orange Kool-Aid packets in the cabinet and couldn't turn down the opportunity to make the water smell good too. It also made the water more murky instead of clear, which kind of added to the creepiness of it. 

Next, I tossed in random Mr. Potato Head parts (eyes and arms mostly), plastic skeletons, vampire teeth, googly eyes, and the little skull and cauldron containers to scoop with. It looked like this when it was finished: 

Then I grabbed a couple of ladles from the kitchen and a large plastic cauldron and asked the kids if they were ready to make Halloween soup. They were so excited to see this! 

And they dove right in! 

Selah used the ladle to scoop water directly into the big cauldron, but Korban preferred ladling water into the small containers and then emptying that into the cauldron. They both noticed that it smelled good right away and Selah insisted that it was "Halloween orange juice" instead of Halloween soup because it smelled like oranges. 

They liked fishing the different toys out of the water. 

This looks like they cracked heads, but they actually didn't. They were working together to fill the cauldron. I emptied it back into the water table quite a few times! 

Korban was saying "Look, my hands are orange!" 

Selah was making the skeleton "slide down the water slide." I thought that was pretty imaginative. I didn't even know skeletons liked water slides, but this one did. ;)

As we were going in, I noticed this on Korban's elbow: 

It cracked me up, and I had to take a picture. It looked like his elbow was growing a face!  Of course, he couldn't see it, but when I showed him the picture he laughed SO hard. 

We went in and got cleaned up. I let them both play with bath paint in the tub, which they love. I took this picture after Selah had finished her bath. 

This is what red, blue, yellow and green bath paints look like all mixed together. Kind of a purple-ish color and Selah thought it was really pretty. 

We also did a craft that night. We made caterpillars from egg cartons I had saved and washed out. 

Korban wanted his to be orange. 

And Selah chose purple for hers. 

Here's the finished products: 

All in all, it was a really good day. That night I was snuggling with Korban on the couch and I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. I figured he had a lot of cool stuff to chose from:  we went to church that morning, ate pizza for lunch, played in the water table, used bath paints in the tub, and made a craft. Some of his very favorite things!  You know what he said to me? "Finding that crushed can when we were playing in the yard!" Seriously!  I got so tickled. He has gotten so obsessed with garbage here lately (yes I said GARBAGE!) and he was pretty excited about that flat soda can he had come across. I'm over here like "Throw me a bone, son, was there anything else you liked today?" HAHAHAHA!  The whole garbage obsession probably deserves a post all its own so I will fill you guys in about that one at a later date. ;)

But Sunday was a really good day, from church to finding the crushed can to everything in between. ;). Korban has asked at least a dozen times since then if we can make some more Halloween soup, so I will take that as a good sign. 

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