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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Fun In Chattanooga

We had so much fun this weekend!  Korban's infusion was Friday. He did so well this time. I was really thankful. They called the vein specialist and she's very good. We didn't even have to hold him down, Brad and I just helped keep his arm steady. Korban whined some but didn't even work up any real tears. He slept for awhile, but woke up towards the end and was in a good mood. Selah sat on the bed and played with him. 

They are playing with a magnetic dinosaur game. Korban looks like he's reading the instructions. 

Selah was very festive!  She got a painting on each arm. 

After Korban was finished, we loaded up and headed to Chattanooga. We have memberships to several fun places there, and there were lots of fun things going on this weekend, so we decided to put those memberships to good use. 

We checked in at our hotel and started getting ready to head out again. Friday night the Tennesee Aquarium hosted a family-friendly party called Aquascarium. It was SO much fun. They decorated the aquarium, had numerous trick-or-treat booths set up, animal encounters, and (my favorite!) costumed divers in the tanks with the fish. 

Selah went as Tiana, complete with matching Tiana doll and a stuffed frog around her neck. Korban will dress up now but he's still kind of picky about costumes. Not that I blame him--I don't like wearing masks either! He liked this skeleton outfit because he likes looking at the skeletons at the science museum and because it was battery powered and lights up. He thought the lights were really cool! 

My frog princess searching for butterflies in the butterfly garden. 

She found one!  And I think this is my most favorite picture of her ever. Everything about it is perfect. :)

Queen Elsa was there! 

When we got Korban up there for the picture, Elsa put her arm around him and he pulled away really fast. In perfect character she's said "Oh it's ok!  I won't touch you. You must be worried I would turn you to ice." Gotta love an Ice Queen who can roll with an autism issue. :)

We got to see the sharks a lot. 

The spider crabs had a big pumpkin decorating their cage. Plus, two munchkins who got to get a good look at them. 

There were several animal encounters--the stingrays and sturgeon both have touch tanks, meaning you can pet them carefully and they also had several staff members holding snakes for people to see and touch. We all petted them, even me. My kids are making me be brave, because in the past I wouldn't have even walked past them. 

You may not be able to tell from this picture, but that big lump in the cage is a toad. Biggest one I'd ever seen!  Naturally Selah loved it. She could've put a leash on this one I think. 

Here's Selah with another snake. 

This screen makes different frog sounds and Korban absolutely loves it. He tries to imitate the sounds. 

Trick or treat!  We are working really hard with Korban so that he will just say "Thank you!" Instead of asking for another piece or a specific kind of candy. We are practicing a lot but it's still a work in progress. That being said, please be patient with your Trick or Treaters!  They may not do everything "right" but that doesn't mean that they aren't putting a lot of effort into being there. 

Here's a "mad scientist" doing an experiment. This guy was a hoot! 

The kids loved the decorations inside the tanks. They said the fish were going trick or treating. 

Korban putting his hand up to the glass to interact with a costumed diver. Selah said this one was dressed as a zebra. He was actually a convict. Ha! 

This was my favorite part. If you hear my kids referring to "dipsy divers" they are actually saying "deep sea divers" and they think they are really cool. 

They even had a dance party with a big Frog Princess. 

They had apple cider and kettle corn outside, and some entertainment. Selah loved the juggler. He saw me about to snap his picture and waved at me as he contined juggling. Now that's talent!  

We had so much fun and were tired when we got back to the hotel. Selah had to settle a few things first though. Here's Tiana with some of Selah's candy stash. 

She put her lizards to sleep on the lamp...

...and fixed Oscar up as our guard dog. 
She even bought him rubber bones to snack on--look in the windowsill. 

It was an excellent day and the start of a very enjoyable weekend. :)

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