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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Fun in Chattanooga Part 2

After a good night's sleep, we got up Saturday morning ready to roll. We had breakfast at our hotel, loaded up, and headed out. Our first stop was at a place called Audobon Acres. It's a nature center, with lots of trails for hiking. The weather was fantastic, and I love fall. So  many pretty colors!  Always makes me think of my dad. This was his favorite time of year. My first vacation was going to the Smoky Mountains with my parents and my Uncle Jude. We always went during the fall to see the foliage. 

Loved, loved, loved this picture of the kids. 

We set out walking on one of the trails...

They had a swinging bridge!  It was even fenced in. Tishomingo State Park needs to take note. I could walk across this one without hyperventilating and holding my kids in a chokehold. ;)

See, I don't even have my hands on him! 

Taking a rest 

This was called Resurrection Rock. 

They loved throwing rocks in the water. 

Selah's a Daddy's girl. Can you tell? 

This little dude is pretty fond of Daddy too. 

Korban got frustrated while we were at the water. He took a band-aid off his finger and tossed it into the water. Selah fished it out and for some reason that made him furious. So she was running with it and he was chasing her, so I intervened. Then he hit me. Not cool, but thankfully that was the only time all weekend he was aggressive. We made him sit down for awhile, and he was crying and screaming. I was worried someone would hear all the screaming coming from out in the woods and come running, thinking there was some sort of emergency. That didn't happen, which was a relief. When he calmed down, we hiked our way out of the woods and left. 

After all our hiking, they were ready for a little snack. We stopped by a cupcake shop before heading onto our next thing. 

Selah wanted something with a cherry on top. 

Korban just wanted chocolate ice cream. 

We had bought a Groupon quite awhile back to ride the Chattanooga Ducks, and we finally had our chance to redeem it. The Ducks are amphibious vehicles from WWII that they use for sight-seeing tours in land and water. 

This is the one we got to ride in, the General Bradley. We thought the name was cool!  Brad's full name is Bradley, which is his mother's maiden name. 

Korban was so excited to get to ride. I love that sweet smile! 

He was amazed when we drove out into the water. 

Selah thought it was pretty awesome too. :)

After we finished our Chattanooga Ducks tour, we headed to the Chattanooga Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo event. They had lots of games and trick-or-treating. 

Selah found a pretty mermaid. 

She got to ride a pony...

And a frog!

I didn't get many more pics because it got dark and it was also extremely crowded so we were trying to manage that. The kids did well overall and weren't in any hurry to leave but we had to head home. 

It was an exciting weekend!

(And also a little bit tiring!) 

Thankful for the happy memories! 

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