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Friday, November 14, 2014

Korban's Pumpkin Patch Trip

The Monday after we got back from our weekend trip to Chattanooga Korban's second grade class went to the pumpkin patch. Korban LOVES a pumpkin patch. He asks about it literally all year long and will tell you "The pumpkin patch is in October!"  (Because trust me, that has been explained to him many, many times;)

They were headed to the Buffalo Park in Tupelo. They do a really cute pumpkin patch every year. When Korban was in kindergarten his class went there on a field trip, and I took him and my mom and Selah came too. That trip did not end well. Korban got really upset at the end and beat me up pretty good and screamed most of the way home. (It's an hour's drive--and I cried most of the way too!) Nothing in particular happened--his classmates were fine and his teachers were more than nice to us. That was just when his behavior was SO rough and it was worse than usual because there were more people there to witness it.  I say all that not to dwell on the past, but to look at how far we have come. We still struggle in many ways, but thankfully things are better now than then. Especially in terms of his aggression, which has always been one of our chief concerns. 

This time I let my mom pick Selah up from school so that both kids could get some one-on-one time. Selah's school was headed to a different pumpkin patch the next day, so I knew her turn was coming up. So Selah enjoyed her time with Nana and Korban and I had a really good time! 

This is the first picture I've ever taken of Korban with his regular education class. And he posed so well for it. Look at that grin! (He's looking at me, everyone else was looking at their teacher.)

Here he is with a buffalo-am I the only one who thinks he looks like he's wondering what a buffalo burger tastes like?

Riding on the tour...this was his favorite part I think. 

Here's the deal--we love Mrs. Misty. Mrs. Misty loves the Bulldogs. Korban agreed to pose with her and this MSU football but notice he's pointing at her as if to say "Look Dad, I swear this was all her idea."

There, that's better...

Here's Korban with his sweet friend Jonathan. Korban met Jonathan when they were in kindergarten together and Jonathan has always been very understanding of Korban and eager to reach out to him, which we all appreciate.
Korban loves to play pretty much any game that involves a ball. :)

Here's another friend--his name is Patrick. He and Korban have known each other since they were babies. Korban loved sliding and Patrick was helping him off at the end. Very sweet! 

Smiling at each other. 

Picking out a pumpkin...

Happy smiles! 

This was very funny to me--some of the kids had climbed in that tube thing and some other kids were on the outside trying to push it with no success. Korban was walking by and noticed...
So he started pushing too and it started to roll!  Ladies and gentleman, my son, The Hulk. 
Gaining momentum! 

We had a full day, and I could tell he was getting tired at the end. He wasn't wanting to go, and I was trying to ease him into it in hopes of avoiding a meltdown. Once he finally understood that his classmates were about to get back on the bus and go home, he was ready to go. We went to tell his teacher good-bye, and right as we got close one of the other teachers blew her whistle to call the students to line up. Korban hates sudden loud noises, and whistles are pretty close to the top of his "Sounds I Hate The Most" List. So she blew the whistle and Korban clamped his hands over his ears and shouted "WHAT THE FREAKIN' HECK?!?" I was mortified but all the teachers completely lost it. I was SO glad they saw the humor in it. Because really, compared to 2 years ago, that really was a minor thing, even if I would prefer he didn't shout out things like that. The teacher with the whistle apologized to him (she didn't see him coming, we were at her back) and I don't really think any of the other kids heard him. So even though I was initially embarrassed, if that's the worst thing that happened I will take it and be grateful!  

Korban and I each got a pumpkin and he was very eager to take one to Selah. They couldn't wait to carve them, so when Daddy got home, they got to work on them. 

They both like scooping the "guts" out but it makes Korban shake, which is why his face is blurred in this picture. Ha! 

Here's what his pumpkin looked like. Hotty Toddy! 

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