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Monday, June 13, 2011

You Know You Are Living In The Crazy House When...

You glance up at the kitchen ceiling and notice that there is a glob of dried chocolate pudding up there.

There is a thunderstorm rapidly approaching and you are stuck outside waiting on your poor disabled dog to potty and his bathroom of choice just so happens to be a grove of pine trees.

You find yourself uttering phrases like "stop licking your sister's hair!"

Your son does business on the toilet and then hollers to his sister "See-ya, come nook at it.". (Selah, come look at it.)

Selah actually does go look at it.

You call someone on your cell phone and don't know why you can't hear them until you notice that,while the earbuds are plugged into your phone, they are not plugged into your ears.

Your mom starts every other sentence with "Dr. Oz says..."

Your daughter emerges from your bedroom wearing three of your bras around her neck like tropical leis.

Finding shoes that match has become such a problem that you have decided if the good ol' days were indeed simpler, it was because no one could afford shoes.

You wonder if all the people in the nudist colonies are there because they got tired of looking at mountains of laundry.

While in a public place, you discreetly point out another child to your husband and ask him "Is that the kid Korban's been hitting," and your husband says "I'm not sure. Walk Korban past him and see what happens."

Even though you realize that you and all the people you love are all very weird, you wouldn't trade this crazy, interesting life for the world.

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